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NBC 2017 Parenting Conference

Our 2017 Parenting Conference was a great success and blessing to those who were able to attend. We thank our dear brother Scott O'Malley for expounding the Word of God to us with clarity and faithfulness on this topic of parenting.

If you weren't able to make it, the audio teaching is available below for free download! 


Scott O’Malley

Campus Director of Twelve Stones Ministries

P: 812-597-1212

Meet Scott O'Malley

CampusDirector / ApprenticeCoordinator

Scott joined the staff in July of 2007 and now serves as Staff Counselor/Apprentice Coordinator of Twelve Stones Ministries, Inc. (TS). Scott has worked with troubled children and families in a variety of settings for over 15 years. After working with hundreds of troubled children in residential care for over 7 years, and seeing the devastation of broken marriages on children, Scott finally realized that the best way to help children is to teach their parents how to live biblically to the glory of God. Scott has a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Counseling from the Master’s College, CA. He and his wife Tara were married in 1992 and have eight children.

2018 Marriage Renewal Conference

Paul Funchess

Paul Funchess was our 2018 conference guest speaker. He is the Family Ministry Pastor at Faith Bible Church. He studied at Shepherd's Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Christie, have seven children: six girls, and one boy. Paul does a weekly podcast at FBC that's geared on equipping families. You can check that out here

Marriage Conference 2018

Marriage Conference Session 1 - Paul Funchess

Marriage Conference Session 1 - Paul Funchess