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Are you hurting or have you fallen again?


All of us face crises from time to time.  Perhaps you are in a crisis- or in several crises-right now.  Perhaps you are hurting or have fallen again and felt like there is no use trying any longer. People in crisis often struggle with life-dominating sins like:


  • Gambling, Eating disorders, Cutting

  • Drug addiction (including alcohol and tobacco)

  • Stealing, Sexual sins (including pornography)

  • Bad language, Laziness, Suicidal thoughts

  • Addictions to electronic gaming, social networking, etc.

  • Workaholism, Compulsive shopping, rituals, etc.

  • Perfectionism, Obsessive thoughts


These life-dominating sins bind us like slavery.  We can feel that there is no way out and the future is not going to get any better.  We can begin to lose hope.


These life-dominating sins can even tempt us to react in negative ways.  Some common negative reactions might be...


  • Fear / Anxiety, Anger, Frustration

  • Depression, Hurt, Bitterness

  • Hatred, Vengeance, Discouragement


Because God loves you, He wants to and can deliver you from these life-dominating sins and negative consequences. We can help you find the answers you need to have a joyful, productive, and stable life.


Join us for classes at N.B.C. - Fridays @ 7:00 p.m.

We would love to help you find...Freedom That Lasts!


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