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Exploring Detroit

From the time we arrived on Tuesday until we wrapped up the cook-out Friday night, our days have been filled with outreach efforts. Saturday we took a step back and spent time exploring downtown Detroit. We began the day with a late breakfast (9:30 is late by the standards this week) before departing for Eastern Market. Think of our local farmers markets multiplied by 50 or more. We moved from one building to the next, storefront to storefront looking at the myriad things available. The teens split into groups and shopped for about 45 minutes before we began our trek to the waterfront.

Detroit Missions Team and some Spread The Word interns.

Our journey took us to the Detroit River by way of a converted railroad track (think the Monon Trail for those in Hamilton County). Along the way we saw many expressions of art in the underpasses and walls that lined the route. From the river you can view Windsor, Ontario on the other side. Our tour took us along the waterfront, where General Motors is headquartered, and we stopped for lunch before proceeding to Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers. After a group photo there, we headed back to Inter-City Baptist Church.

Kaleb Clark, one of the NBC teens that joined us for this trip, turned 18 on Saturday, so we celebrated with tacos for dinner. Some of the group also participated with the Spread The Word interns in an intense game of ultimate frisbee. The night closed with a bonfire, cake and ice cream to make Kaleb’s birthday celebration complete (even some light showers couldn’t dampen the party), and testimony time. Several shared the impact this mission trip has had on their lives, and it was a great way to reflect on how God has used each of us during this week of focus on the people of River Rouge.

Tomorrow our team will divide up and attend two churches. One part of the group will attend Grace Baptist Church in River Rouge. After spending the week there, it is a fitting way to close out our time in Detroit. Another group will attend Resurrection Church, located a short distance away in Lincoln Park. David Doran, Jr., son of Inter-City Baptist senior pastor David Doran (mentioned in a previous post) is the pastor of this relatively-new church plant. With the busy events of Friday, I failed to mention that in between all of our activities that day we spent some time going door-to-door in Lincoln Park talking with the locals and inviting them to the church, which meets in the local VFW Hall. Several of us had great conversations with people in the community that very well may show up Sunday morning. We look forward to worshiping at both locations.

Sunday afternoon we will pack up and depart from Inter-City, our home away from home since Tuesday. We will drive to Sandusky, Ohio, and Monday will be spent at Cedar Point. It will be a fun way to cap the experience, and we’ll arrive back in Noblesville late Monday night.

Pray that the seeds we have spread in River Rouge and Lincoln Park fall on fertile ground. We may not see immediate results Sunday morning, but our hope is that God is working in hearts. Pray that we will have a sweet time of fellowship at both churches and that our travels Sunday afternoon will go off without a hitch. Also, pray for Mike Foley as he travels. Mike has work commitments that prevent him from joining us at Cedar Point, and he will be making the trip back to Central Indiana alone. Pray that he will not encounter any issues.

Thank you to all the prayer warriors that have been so diligent on our behalf. It is reassuring to know that so many are thinking of us while we are away.

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